Theatres and concerts

In Bolzano, a city located in the Italian region of South Tyrol, there are several important theaters and concert halls.

Depending on the season, there are various activities, mainly including:


  1. Teatro Comunale di Bolzano: Also known as Teatro Municipale, it is one of the city's most important theaters, hosting theatrical performances, operas, and concerts.
  2. Auditorium Bolzano: This modern concert hall is a reference point for musical events of various genres, from classical music to jazz and contemporary music.
  3. Teatro Cristallo: Another notable theater in Bolzano, Teatro Cristallo hosts theatrical and musical performances, including concerts and opera productions.
  4. Sala Trapp: This concert hall is located in the heart of Bolzano's historic center and is a popular venue for concerts and musical performances of various types.
  5. Castel Mareccio: This fascinating medieval castle occasionally hosts concerts and outdoor performances during the summer.

The city offers a variety of cultural events to cater to different audiences.

For all information regarding events, tickets, and schedules, we recommend visiting the respective websites directly.

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