Hiking on Renon

Hiking on the Renon, located in the heart of the Italian Alps, offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore untouched nature and admire breathtaking panoramas. With its well-marked trails, rich in a variety of flora and fauna, the Renon is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts.


The main destinations we recommend our guests to visit are as follows:


  1. Hike to Corno del Renon: One of the most famous and stunning hikes on the Renon is the one that leads to Corno del Renon, a mountain overlooking the Isarco Valley. The route starts from the lower station of the cable car and winds through dense coniferous forests, alpine meadows, and rocky outcrops. During the ascent, you can admire splendid panoramas of the valley below and the surrounding peaks. Upon reaching the summit, you are rewarded with a panoramic view that stretches from the Dolomites to the Brenta Group.

  2. Altopiano Path: The Altopiano Path is an itinerary that traverses the wide meadows and forests of the Renon, offering spectacular views of the Adige Valley and the surrounding mountains. This circular trail is ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature and enjoy breathtaking vistas along the way. During the hike, you may encounter grazing cows and make a stop at the traditional alpine huts to taste local products.

  3. Tour of the Renon Earth Pyramids: The Renon Earth Pyramids are a unique geological phenomenon characterized by tall pinnacle-shaped formations sculpted by erosion over centuries. The tour of the Renon Earth Pyramids is a fascinating route that allows you to explore these incredible natural monuments up close. During the hike, you can admire the different shapes of the pyramids and appreciate the delicacy of their balance. This route is perfect for photography enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to capture spectacular images.

  4. Hike to Lake Costalovara: Located at an altitude of 1,800 meters, Lake Costalovara is a hidden gem on the Renon. This hike takes visitors through beech forests and alpine pastures to reach the picturesque lake. Here, you can relax, have a picnic, and enjoy the tranquility of the place. The reflection of the mountains on the calm waters of the lake creates a magical and unforgettable atmosphere.


To see all the hikes and itineraries, you can visit the official website at https://www.ritten.com/en

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