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The Salewa Cube is a sport climbing area located in Bolzano, in South Tyrol. It is a modern indoor climbing center designed for climbers of all levels, from beginners to experts, associated with the famous and primary local brand.


The facility offers a wide range of climbing routes, suitable for both beginners and more advanced climbers (180 climbing routes with difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 8C and a maximum height of up to 19 meters). These routes vary in terms of difficulty and style, allowing climbers to hone their skills and enjoy a challenge suitable for their level of expertise. The area is equipped with state-of-the-art safety gear and provides a safe environment for climbing.

The Salewa Cube Bolzano is a popular destination for sports climbing enthusiasts in Bolzano, offering a great opportunity for training and enjoyment, both in summer and winter, thanks to its indoor location.

The Salewa Cube Bolzano also organizes events, lessons, and courses for those looking to improve their skills or begin sport climbing.


For information, courses, prices, and opening hours, please visit the official website at and make the most of this incredible experience!

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