Bolzano Messe

The Bolzano Fair, also known as "Fiera Messe Bozen" in German, is one of the leading trade fair centers in Italy, located in the city of Bolzano in the South Tyrol region, at the border between Italy and Austria.

This fair has a long history of organizing trade events, exhibitions, and specialized fairs in a wide range of industries.


Some of the highlights of the Bolzano Fair include:


  1. Strategic Location: Bolzano's location in the heart of the Alps and at the crossroads of Italy, Austria, and Germany makes the fair an important meeting point for European businesses. Its proximity to Austria promotes international trade.

  2. Modern Facilities: The Fiera Messe Bolzano has modern and well-equipped facilities to host a variety of events. These facilities include large exhibition halls, conference rooms, entertainment areas, and catering services.

  3. Specialized Events: The fair organizes numerous specialized fairs and exhibitions in sectors such as agriculture, food, technology, construction, tourism, and many others. These events attract visitors and exhibitors from around the world.

  4. Agriculture and Food: The Bolzano Fair hosts important fairs in the agriculture and food industry, such as the "International Fair of Agriculture and Food" (Agrialp), which highlights high-quality agricultural and food products from South Tyrol.

  5. Regional and National Fairs: In addition to specialized fairs, the fair also hosts regional and national events, contributing to the promotion of local businesses and offering networking and knowledge exchange opportunities.

  6. Sustainability: The Bolzano Fair is also committed to promoting sustainability through the adoption of eco-friendly practices. This is particularly relevant given the importance of sustainable agriculture and tourism in the South Tyrol region.


The Bolzano Fair plays a key role in attracting investments, promoting entrepreneurial culture, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and technologies among companies.

Its reputation as a significant trade fair center is recognized nationally and internationally, drawing visitors and participants from all over the world.


From our hotel, Bolzano Fair is easily accessible by bus in 20 minutes via line 10A (departing from 'Piazza Gries' in the direction).

For more informations, tickets and events visit the official website


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